Our Delivery Process

Software Development Process

At IP Details we are flexible in our development approach, Though we recommend working with Agile wherever possible, we follow it but based on the requirements we may decide on the waterfall. For this particular project, we will execute the development using Agile.

Requirement Engineering 

Any successful project starts with a detailed requirement study. We are equipped with a team of requirement engineers who knows the art of understanding the client’s business and his needs. Our requirement analysts work closely with our technical team during various phases of discussions with the client to understand his business and propose the right technical solutions to reach the client’s business goals.  Typically we start the project once when we finalize the client’s requirements, put it on paper as a doc or as a prototype/wireframe, and get it approved. We believe with this approach, we can avoid future misunderstandings.

Design & Development

Any good website or software starts with a good user interface or a web design optimized for various devices. Our core expertise lies in creating highly intuitive, interactive, and expressive software, web and desktop applications. Once our business analysis team clarifies the requirements of the client, the rest lies in our development team.

Our technical team makes sure that the software developed will meet the requirements of the product, as well as ensuring that future requirements can be addressed. This architecture step also addresses interfaces between the software system and other software products to make sure that it works under varying scenarios eg. varying load, different hardware or operating system, etc. A good architecture ensures the stability of the software to be developed. Our team excels in carefully picking the right and proven framework or uses our own framework, which helps the development cycles faster with superior quality.

Testing & Deployment

Apart from unit testing by developers, we also have a separate quality assurance team composed of ISTQB certified testers that make sure that the products/projects we deliver to our clients are of high quality functionally as well as works seamlessly on various devices, resolutions, and browsers. Our development team and system admin team work closely during the last stages of the project to make sure that the project works perfectly in tests and the live environment. Further our system admin team closely monitors application behavior during few days after go-live.

Support and Maintenance

We believe a project is never finished after go-live. After the project we need to support the client by ongoing maintenance tasks, build the system further to meet new business challenges the client faces, and so on. Typically we offer three months warranty for any project we deliver free of cost. After that, we sign with the client a support agreement to ensure the client that they are in safe hands when it comes to the project we are involved. Then we take the project into our hands and maintain it without the client worrying about technical issues. With such an agreement we cover the entire life cycle of the project.

Testing Process

Our verification & validation processes follow very stringent & proven methodologies for Quality Assurance. Even more, our development methodology closely embraces test-driven development practices thereby making quality consciousness ingrained in our development process itself.

Data Security

Multi-location business is a serious challenge because of the security issues in the handling of data.  The safe handling of data is very much important in this age because if the classified data falls into the hands of the wrong person could have drastic implications to the organization and could lead to loss of business, trust, and money.  IP Details’s security policy ensures the safe and secure management of data.

Our comprehensive security policy covers multiple levels of security – logical security, physical security, organizational and procedural security – thereby maximizing the benefits of Information Systems while minimizing the risks of offshore software outsourcing.

We use firewalls, anti-virus software, data encryption, authentication, and access control mechanisms, to name a few, for securing our system.