Tech-savvy entrepreneurs at Pie Infosystems bring together domain expertise with hands-on experience of working & excelling in following industry areas. Our areas of focus is not limited to following industries, technology being at the core of any software solution, we are the leaders in providing custom tailored software solutions for your organization irrespective of your industry vertical. We leverage our work experience coupled with the passion for technology & innovation to deliver the best quality results for your organization.

    IT (Information Technology)

IT or Information Technology is at the core of every organization and has application across industry verticals. Being the technology enthusiasts and innovation passionate folks that we are, Information Technology runs in our blood.

We help you leverage the power of technology and achieve higher efficiencies, improved efficacy and better results in every project. We facilitate adoption of technology solutions and innovations in your organization.

Pie Infosystems team together has 100+ years of hands-on experience in delivering quality and innovative solutions to small, medium and large organizations across the globe.


Communication is one of the basic needs of any business. The growth of the Telecom sector in the past 2 decades has seen a steep rise. Being the witnesses of the rise of the Telecom sector & its omnipresent requirement, we have developed the required knowledge and expertise to enable us to guide our customers/clients in choosing the best communication partners or in developing solutions as required.


Being the backbone of any business, finance plays a pivotal role in every industry. Like every industry, this one has also seen a wide development both in terms of new products & better services.

FinTech being the upcoming sector within Finance, has delivered some of the best startups in the history of our nation. FinTech has opened up gates for technology implementation in the most secure Finance vertical.

If you are looking for a secure payment gateway integration to a full-fledged software development to deliver secure solutions to your end customer, Pie Infosystems is there with you at every step.

    Media & Advertising

In today’s era, the significance of media and advertising cannot be over-emphasized as it does not only introduces your products to the market; it is the first point of interaction with the world. Right from a digital media platform to building an integrated marketing solution for your organization, Pie Infosystems has the right ammunition to guarantee the growth of your business by strengthening your marketing team. Beyond the results delivered to strengthen your in-house team, Pie Infosystems can develop integrated solutions for your B2B business to help you deliver media advertising and marketing solutions to the global market.